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Oscar Castillo, born 1970 in Oaxaca, México

1990-1995 Studied Visual Art In School Fine Arts (ENAP) of the   National Univesity of Mexico City

1997-1998 Obtain a degree in Visual Arts by the Univesity of Mexico

1998-1999 Guest student for the Art University of Braunschweig-Germany

Since 2001 produces between Berlin and Oaxaca-Mexico

Since 2015 teaches at the Youth Art School Berlin-Germany


2017 „Gesicht“, subjectobject-Gallery, group exhibition, Berlin

            Illustrations of the Book „Wo long is man foreing?“ C&N publishing house, Germany

          „3653 x Ja“, subjectobject Gallery, group exhibition, Berlin-Germany

          „DENK MAL AM ORT“, Fantom-Gallery, Berlin-Germany

2016 „Berlin Tropical“ Possum-Gallery, Berlin-Germany

          „Unrast“ Art-Center Bethanien, group exhibition, Berlin-       Germany

            Mural in Airport-Tempelhof in cooperation with refuge Childrenend – young people from Sirie end Afganistan,    Berlin-Germany

         „ArtBoulevard“ Comunity-Gallery of Berlin, group exhibition, Berlin

2015 „POSITIONS-Berlin Art Fair“ Pavilon of Berlin´s Galery

         „Berlin Tropical“ Subjectobject Gallery, Berlin-Germany

2014 „Animals design project“, with the Berlin Project Fund.
          „Love included“, y Grup show-Subjectobject Gallery, Berlin

         „Camara obscura-Instalación permanente“, Salle Univesity – Campus Oaxaca,Mexico
         „From 13 to 14“, Grup show-Subjectobject Gallery, Berlin

2013 „ARTBEDINGT“, Sublectobject Gallery, Berlin
           Illustrations of the Book „Gespräge mit Arbaitslose“. Book Exhibition Hall, Leipzig-Germany

2012 „Mexico Today“, Fantom-Gallery, Berlin
          „Visual Reconstruction of the History of a Village„, Oaxaca, Mexico

2011 „50013“, Gallery Fantom, Berlin
         „50013“, G2- Art Space for Art, Bonn, Germany
          Group Show, Art Space-Tapir. Berlin

2010 „Berliner Kunstsalon-Art Exhibition Hall„, Berlin, Germany
          „Revolución interrumpida“, Gallery-Fantom
          „Artist from Oaxaca“, Museum-MUPO, Oaxaca, Mexico

2009 „In Extract“, Takt-Art Space, Berlin
2008 „BERLINARIUM“, Balderas-Subway Station, Mexico-City
2007 „BERLINARIUM“, Museu-MUPO, Oaxaca. Mexico
2006 „The arriving of a Gog“, 48 hours of Art in Neukolln, Berlin, Germany
2005 „Transcultural Voyages“, Studio C9, Berlin
2004 „Miracles“. MAE Gallery Irene Eikmeier, Berlin
2003 „Perceptions II“, Mexican Embassy in Berlin, Germany
2002 „Mex-Co“, Kulturbrauerai-Cultural Center, Berlin
2001  Gallery Los Mexicanos, Hamburg, Germany
          „Food+seed“, MAE Gallery Irene Ekmeier, Berlin
         „Young Art of Mexico“ Gallery los Mexicanos, Hamburg, Germany
         „Perceptions“, Mexican Embassy in Berlin, Germany.
         „Microscopic Miracles in Berlin“, Projektraum-Artist Center, Berlin

2000 „Skeletons Wall“, Werkstatt der Kulturen (Cultural Center), Berlin
           “ Kunst am Limit“, Museum of Tabacco, Brandenburg, Germany
           „Swallowing the same Dust“, Iberoamerican Institute, Berlin, Germany

1999 „End and Beginning of a Century-Fin et dedut de siecle“, La Rochelle, France
          „Serviervorschlag“, Projektraum-Artist Center, Berlin-Germany